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Affiliate marketing
A win-win relationship.

Imagine a team of sellers working remotely for you. The most recognized voices in your niche talking about your products or services. They are also happy: they will earn a commission of what they sell, thanks to their recommendations.

How does it works?

The affiliates join your affiliate program and receive a UTM or unique link that identifies them as a seller. They offer your products or services on their social networks, blog or website with this unique link. Every time their followers make a purchase, they will have a commission and you will receive a new sale through an alternative distribution channel.


Your Company wants to promote a product or service.


The affiliates promote the product or service on their channels.


The clients click on their content and converts on your site.


The link is tracked and assigned to the right affiliate.


Each product sold is paid directly on your website.

Fee payment

Each affiliate receives the fee payment agreed for each generated sale.

What’s the role of HTB?

We will take care of everything. Whether you have an Affiliate Program up and running but you want to renew or update it or you need us to create and launch it from scratch. Leave it in our hands.

We develop, launch and implement each program in a personalized way.

At HTB we devise each program based on the objectives and vision of each company. We work in a personalized way, with periodic meetings, attending to all the details.

We will create a specific program for your company and we will centralize the relationship with the affiliates, so you don’t have to add more tasks to your schedule.

Some of our services:

  • Initial analysis and segmentation of bloggers/content creators that fit the product (Hispanic and international)
  • Create and execute the action plan
  • Receipt of emails and registration of potential affiliates
  • Communication with affiliates
  • Generation of reports for affiliates and your company
  • Payment control.
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Why you should have your own affiliate program?

  • We can create the program personalized, with the characteristics you want and all the flexibility to make the changes you need.
  • Easy management, within your own website.
  • You will have control of the affiliate database, its statistics and contacts.
  • We will target your specific niche, targeting potential interested in your products or services (or those of the competition).
  • The costs of having your own program are way lower than if you use a massive affiliate platform.


Why you should work with us?

  • We know the niche from the inside, speaking the same language (we are also bloggers)
  • We work with all types of content creators (bloggers, youtubers, instagramers) and we are fully involved in that universe.
  • We have a database differentiated by theme, content type, audience, language and much more.
  • We scout constantly to grow the HTB network in search of finding the specific affiliates for your company’s niche.
  • We participate in tourism fairs and regularly network with content creators.
  • We are up to date with the news of the sector.

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