This Code of Ethics exposes our values and principles. The code is mandatory by all the members part of our network and is composed of rules that guarantee a professional and transparent work with our clients, readers and other bloggers.


We won’t carry on with any undisclosed advertisement or doubtable marketing practices.

All our stats are real, exact and transparent.

Our followers on social media are real and have not been bought or manipulated in any way.

We believe in freedom of opinion and we avoid personal attacks and confrontations.


Our content is authentic and original and based on the personal experience of each one of us unless is specified the opposite.

We are explicit and transparent about our commercial relations. If any piece of content is involved in a commercial agreement (advertisement, promoted posts or affiliated links) we disclose that relationship.

All our members agree to respect and value the copyrights of any kind of content.

Commercial relationships

The personal opinion will never be compromised by the participation in a press or promoted trip.

All our members are responsible and will always carry on with any accepted commercial agreement in a professional manner.

Good practices

No member will flaunt a skill is not entitled or qualified for.

No member will use its role as a travel blogger to perform any thread or push any company to work with them or offer discounts.

We will value the compliance of this code of ethics and it might be taken into consideration for the content creator selection when working with brands. 

The non-fulfilment of this code of ethics could derive in the expulsion of the network.