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Opportunities for content creators and influencers

Some campaigns are private so we recommend that you formalize your registration in HTB to be always up to date.

Be part of HTB

We are the meeting point between influencers and companies.

At HTB we create comprehensive affiliate program marketing campaigns and content strategies.

We select content creators appropriate to the marketing and communication objectives of each company.


What does that mean?

We look for opportunities for you to put your passion to work. Every time we have a commercial proposal that fits your profile, we will contact you to advise you and accompany you during the campaign.

Being a part of HTB is free of charge.

Requirements to be part of HTB

  • Have a Blog, Instagram or YouTube channel.
  • In the case of being a blog you must have your own domain and hosting and have Google Analytics installed. In the case of Instagram or YouTube, you must have access to the statistics of each platform.
  • HTB has a code of ethics that, although it is not mandatory to comply, will be taken into account when selecting campaigns.
  • We understand that there are users with different purposes and niches, so each case will be analyzed individually by the administrators.

For more details you can see the frequently asked questions on this page.

Transforming your passion in your work is easier than finding a work that matches your passion.



What is HTB?

Our main goal is to redefine the relation between companies and content creators linking them on a healthy and successful working relationship.

Our main focus is tourism and travel.

Can anyone be part of the HTB network?

If you have a blog, Instagram or Youtube channel focused on travel and you fulfil all the requisites you can be part of the HTB network.

What are the requirements to be part of HTB?

What do you need to be part of HTB

  • Having a blog, Instagram or youtube channel with sole focus on travel.
  • This channel should exist for at least a year.
  • The vast majority of your content is based on your personal experiences.
  • If you are a blog you should have your own domain and hosting and have Google Analytics in place.
  • If you have an Instagram profile or Youtube channel you should be able to access the platform statistics.
  • HTB has developed a code of ethics against fraudulent practices, it’s not mandatory to join us but it will be taken in consideration when selecting the profiles for current campaigns.

Is there any cost for me as a blogger or Influencer?

Not a single one. You will be part of our network and will benefit from the prestige that means to the companies we work with.

You will be contacted to participate in campaigns and actions with our clients when your profile matches their needs.

What do I have to do once i'm part of HTB?

Once you join HTB you have to share your data with us and include our logo on your site to ours linking to

What happens if the blog or channel has more than one author?

In the cases when there is more than one protagonist the registration will happen with the data of only one of them. Don’t worry, all of them will be part of the HTB network.

Each content creator will have to select their content categories and its authors have to be indispensable for the channel in order to be taken into consideration.

Cada blog o canal tendrá que elegir sus categorías respecto a esta realidad y sus autores o protagonistas tendrán que ser indispensables para el funcionamiento del blog.

F.A.Q about campaigns and actions

How do you chose the content creators for each campaing?

Every participant will be selected by HTB depending on their target and the objectives of each campaign and brand.

In many cases, it won’t be about the profile with bigger followers but the most adequate to fulfil the brand requests.

Our interest is to show and provide with excellent results while regulating the transparency, ethical and professional work of real content creators and influencers.

What kind of campaings are we talking about? What would be my obligations?

Campaings and actions are diverse and depend on the brand objectives.

Being part of HTB tou will benefit from our research and commercial contacts. We will work to provide paid work to the conten creators in our network not just exchanges. Nevertheless, we will adapt our offer to the company budget and the trajectory of the content creators allowing some of them to benefit from more basic commercial relations if it suits them.


You will have to:

Sign and respect a signed contract for each action

If there is no paid retribution no results can be demanded but we always trust on the good intentions of the content creators being part of the HTB network.

We always advice to comply with our code of ethics in order to offer transparency and a professional result.