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HTB launched on the Spanish speaking blogger community two years ago, nowadays we work with several content creators in different languages all over the world focusing in non-English speaking markets.

We help you to design, implement and report on content campaigns through the most adequate travel influencers and content creators for your brand. We help you speak their language and create meaningful connections with your clients. Our network is made of bloggers, Instagrammers and professional YouTubers with the SOLE FOCUS of travel content assuring a public targeted to your needs.

Our network is in continuous growth, currently groups more than 100 content creators with influence in Spain, Italy, Germany, Brazil and the Spanish speaking LATAM with more than 16 millions yearly views.

Our professional background as marketing and tourism experts plus our passion for travel content creation with our own successful channels allow us to understand the needs of both participating parts. We are a meeting point between companies and content creators and our main focus is tourism.

We identify and select the most adequate content creators and travel influencers for your needs. We have direct and transparent access to real data obtained from social media audit tools and Google Analytics accounts already audited.

The first step is to book an appointment where we will collect all the necessary information for your campaign defining variables and objectives for your brand. From there we take care of the hunting and selection of content creators, the campaign execution and the reporting. We make sure that the company and content creators comply with their obligations.

  • All the content creators we work with comply with our code of ethics regulating their practices.
  • We guarantee the data veracity of the selected bloggers for each campaign.
  • We work under the law, each content will be correctly tagged to avoid fines and bad practices.
  • HTB will report monthly on the objectives.

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